About Us

Aixept Overview

Aixept integrated ICT Solution is a young Information Communication Technology (lCT) services provider located in Lagos, Nigeria. Aixept is established to develop and deliver excellent business solutions, aiming to increase end-use revenue, enhance satisfaction, and provide a real competitive edge for our customers. Aixept Technologies delivers various ICT solutions to diverse business fields and industry sectors including education, healthcare, utilities, commercial, military & defense, oil & gas and government. The company's target is to transform Africa's business and education sector through ICT and equally export professional services for operators, businesses, institutions and world-class manufacturers around the globe. Services include divers software development, website / web-application development, software / IT support, maintenance, training and consultancy.

Aixept technologies is your partner for success. We help you boost your productivity and success in an increasingly challenging business world by successfully integrating the latest technology products and solutions that deliver today’s mission-critical services and solutions. By drawing upon our experience in Internet/intranet web, workflow, commerce, software and information portal applications, we focus on delivering optimal solutions in the least time possible, through collaboration, knowledge sharing and improved efficiency.

The business world is changing and businesses must take advantage of modern technological solutions to remain in business and stand out among competitors. Aixept is committed to giving you the technology you need to increase efficiency and productively and to stand out in today's world and in the future. We see obstacles as challenges to find new and exciting ways to fulfil our customers' needs. Our team of developers is continually researching and developing new technology to allow our product line to evolve with the changing needs of the business world.


  • Web & Application Development
  • Internet services/site hosting
  • Network/Server Installation
  • Projects management, repair and monitoring
  • On-site Services
  • Education and Workshop Solutions
  • Hardware Sells and Services (Laptops, Desktop, Monitors, Servers, Workstation, UPS, Printers and Accessories)


To transform Africa's business and education through Information Communication Technology (ICT) and to be a top ranking regional ICT solutions & services provider in terms of quality, reliability, customer satisfaction and proactivity.


We provide innovative, world class, independent and value added Business and Education ICT solutions. Aixept Technologies offers wide range of solutions and services that fulfil the various needs of business corporations and Educational institutions. Each of our solutions has been developed with an eye on empowering our customers, fulfilling their Business needs and increasing their efficiency and productivity.


Our corporate philosophy is “Honesty and Creativity.” These important words represent unchanging principles to which we will always be dedicated. .